General Types of Memorials

Grass Markers


Placed into the ground; the face of a grass marker is generally flush with the ground. They are flat. Unless required by the cemetery, a concrete footer is optional under a grass marker. 



Placed above ground with a concrete foundation underneath it. The back of the marker is generally 2 inches higher than the front of the marker, and the face has a slight slant to it. They are sometimes called Pillow or Hickey markers. 



A slant monument has a steeply angled face but the back is perpendicular. Slants may be used by themselves sitting on the ground, or raised up on a granite base. A slant requires a concrete foundation. 



Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. It consists of an upright tablet that sits on a granite base. The tablets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 



Benches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Benches can be personalized and created for a unique way to remember your loved one and give you a place to reflect on memories. 

Corner Markers


Corner Markers are a great way to mark the four corners of a family plot. They are generally marked with the initial of the last name. Usually corner markers are the same color as the main memorial on the plot. 

What else do we offer?



Cameos are beautiful photos that are hand-crafted into strong ceramic that is then attached to the stone upon it being installed. They come in black and white or in color. The artists can even take two photos and combine them into one! 



We have a large selection of vases; including bronze, granite (tapered or turned), and various other shapes. Vases can be sandblasting at an additional cost. 

Military Bronze Granite Bases/Installation


The Office of Veteran's Affairs provides military markers for those who serve. Our services include installation of that bronze onto a granite base (optional colors) into the cemetery. 

Black & White Laser Etchings


 Black and white portrait, landscapes, emblems and scenery permanently  etched into various premier black granites. Our laser machines utilize  the most powerful laser in the industry; providing unparalleled clarity  and detail which is second to none. 

Hand Etchings


 Color landscapes, scenery, portraits and emblems commissioned by the  finest local artists in the industry. Best results on premier India  Black Granite, has a striking effect on many dark shades of granite as  well. 

Memorial Cleaning and Restoration


Whether you live close or far away from your loved ones cemetery, sometimes its hard work taking care of those memorials. Time takes a toll on family plots. We are here to help, whether it be to restore a stone to its upright position, or just give it a good cleaning.